IPhone 8 as sat nav on a MTS950

Hi there i am looking to use my phone as a sat nav on my multi, what would be the best mounting kit, waterproof case etc. I quite like the look of the crossbar type of mounting. Any comments?

I use my iPhone 6S as a TomTom satnav on my ST4 & Monster, but only to navigate into and out of towns & cities (normally in Spain & Portugal) as I like to produce route notes and use a folded map on the open road.
I simply put my phone in my tankbag’s clear top pocket, with a charger lead to a powerbank inside the tankbag. It works fine like this, and I know there are tankbags with clear pockets specifically designed to hold a phone.
There might be a potential overheating issue after being too long in constant Iberian sunshine, but I don’t use it that way, and I daresay that could also apply to a satnav mount, especially if it’s black.

I use a Quadlock on my V2 to hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Quadlock fixes on via the stem or handlebar depending on the bike. If you’re using the stem fix you’ll need to change the expanding bolt for a cavity wall butterfly one.