is there a classifieds section

Hi guys

I was looking for a classifieds section in the website…can you point me in the right direction…i don’t find it.

I got lots of stuff i could give away but wanted to advert in the right section…

I got a termignoni + ecu racing of a Ducati SF and the rims… and many other stock stuff…



Hi Vito

There is a classifieds page on the current website - click on “Small Ads” on the menu.

I am currently refreshing the website and hope to launch the new one shortly. I intend to update the classifieds section as I do it.



… and you can always advertise in ‘Panigale Parts’ in ‘Desmo’

I dont find the small ads link? can you post me a link?

I can’t access that link…it ask for a password. :frowning:


Currently the memberzone requires a password to access it. This can be found in the latest issue of Desmo magazine.

If you do not have a copy please email me ( with your membership number and I will email it to you.



i m not a member :frowning:

Why not ?? Free ads in magazine, the superb magazine itself, discounts and of course being part of the family !!!


No adverts can be posted on the Forum. If they are posted they will be deleted

Steve P

…and there was I thinking the club forum was only for members?
There’s been quite a bit of debating this subject over the years, have things changed?

Steve R

Hi Steve,

I think we’ve all been a little naive about this, Steve (the new webmaster) has put us right about the situation - for example, if you google certain topics, you can view the forum. It’s all currently being reviewed by the CoM, and no doubt will be sorted asap.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, I’ve moved this out of the Kent branch area to here, hope that’s ok?

Seems a more logical place for it