Isle of Man Ducati 916

Hi all,

I have a 1995 916 Biposto, all original and Isle of Man supplied, 3 owners from new, 10,000 miles on it. Had it fully overhauled when I bought it in 2021 including new belts and fluids. It has been on display in the Jurby Motor Museum in the Isle of Man since March 2022 where we lived for 24 years before relocating to the UK last year. I didn’t like it the first time I took it out but once I got it singing over the mountain, the sweet engine noise was something else, big grin on my face! Any recommendations on how long I can leave it in the museum without running it?

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but for me in Ballaugh I like to fire up and run my 998s on the paddock stand at least once every six months just to stop the crap build up in the fuel lines, to move the oil around and make sure no electrical issues. I’d suggest you do the same as the usual damp Manx weather isn’t kind to bikes even in warm, dry garages.
Mine is currently with Jason G, as the contacts in the relay for the fuel pump had corroded, also new belts, tyres etc ready for the three days we get each year when it’s warm, dry and not blowing a hooley.


Thanks for the response. It’s still in the motor museum at Jurby but maybe I’ll pull it out for a while after this season.