It was love at first sight

I saw it in the window of a car showroom while stuck in traffic, so I pulled over onto the forcourt went inside and bought it. Four and half years old with only 1682 miles on the clock, nine months later theres 6k on the clock! great ride just apity that you have to start looking for fuel stations after 75 miles.

tasty! :slight_smile:

Nice, I like the red framed black ones

That looks different and quite tasty, I bet it’s a hoot to ride I can’t even start to imagine how fast one of those is?
My old 851/916cc is almost fast enough for me, I’ve got a 955cc motor on the blocks waiting for the cash to finish it off.
It won’t be anywhere near as fast as a 1098, but the tortoise and the hare comes to mind here… At well into 3 figure speeds I don’t need to really worry about a fuel stop until 170 miles. :smiley:

Steve R

Nice bike the 916, I had one and a 748, they could both do double the mileage on a tank of fuel compaired to the 1098. Still apart from the range its a nicer bike to ride than my older models.