Italian bike fan, looking for 900SS


Just joined the DOC.

Sold my Guzzi a few weeks back:

Currently looking for a mid-90’s 900SS FF. Anyone got one for sale, or know of a decent one?

Should hopefully make it to the London meet later this month on my daily ride:



Don’t know of anything off hand, keep checking eBay there’s normally a few on there. Feel free to come down to the Kent branch meets if you get one!
If you see one down my way(Ashford, Kent) I’m more than happy to check it out for you :wink:

Very kind, thank you…I’m collecting people willing to look at Ducati’s with me…got someone in Wiltshire, a couple around London, and now one in Kent.


You can always advertise for free in ‘Panigale Parts’ in ‘Desmo’ :wink:

Looking forward to the welcome pack. Can I expect a copy of Desmo with it?

Interestingly it costs exactly the same to join the DOC as the Moto Guzzi Club GB, who’s members are notorious tight wads :smiley: