italy bound again!!!

a wee summer tour this time in june
me and the mrs are gonna tour on the bike from home down to eurotunnel …over to france then geneva …mont blanc then turin then florence
then rome …rimini…imola …taluvia ( rossis home town) then bologna, factory tour included …modena , ferrari museum included, then up to lake como and into switzerland then across to france n home again
got a coupe of weeks or so to get it all done so will be travelling at our leisure!

sounds a great trip, Mark, I’m quite envious!

Fantastic …have fun …

its official!
were offski on the 31st may and getting back 16th june
am excited!
altho ducati havent mailed me back yet about the tour

I’m sure that you’ll hear from them soon, Mark, if not, perhaps Chairman Martyn will give someone at Ducati a nudge!
Have a great time! :slight_smile:

ta desmo will do
yeah martyn will sort it
hes a good egg!

Not heard yet about your request for a factory tour…
I wonder if they don’t want owners seeing the bikes that are being made somewhere other than Italy, being unloaded at the factory???
Has anyone got an idea or actually know where they’re building them now?

A chap I know was at the factory on the Technician’s course when he and some others saw a huge container being unloaded???
Most of them whipped out their camera phones and started taking pic’s, in the blink of an eye a Ducati official hustled them away shouting “No Pictures!”

Chinese made or somewhere else in the far east Ducati’s anyone?

Steve R

I’d be very surprised if all the current ranges of Ducatis were produced in Bologna …

Hi Mark, let me know the date and day you want, morning or afternoon and I will sort it for you.
There’s conspiracy for you, there are two more assembly plants now, Brazil I think and Thailand, they make slightly different models, I know some go back to factory, not for sale though.

woke up to an email from ducati this morning !
all good
ta martyn
and ive noticed i can park the bike in the ducati carpark too!!!

I aim to please !!!

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