italy ducati things to do

anyone " in the know" know of any ducati related events, meetings. runs etc on the go in the first two weeks in june?
got factory tour booked and museum…then outlet shop
also headin to mugello on the monday after motogp to see if anyone testing…
anything else?

Check out the link on home page of website to International Events. There is something there that fits your time period.

good shout ta for that
unfortunatley we are traveling to italy on the 1st and arriving at florence on the evening of the 2nd so just missing this one
bit of a bugger tho cos it means we are missing motogp at mugello too!
and the hotel is in the mugello region and 20 mins away from circuit
so planning to head there monday to see if theres any testing going on by the big teams

On the website in the Links section we have links to other clubs including a number in Italy. You could check out the links and see if any of them are publishing events at the time you are there.

What date and time is your factory tour planned !?

june 12th 3.30pm

Have a look and see if the Pompone club have anything organised

I’m away now
Sitting in the sun in mugello as I write this
Epic couple of days actually getting here through France and down through the alps…stunning
Although the mrs did kinda comment it was quite a long couple of journeys
1200 miles so far from Folkestone to our hotel in mugello

hame noo
4500 odd miles in total!
what a ride
got a hello from an alexandria( spelt right) at ducati factory cos martyn mentioned i was coming over to visit
ta for that martyn mate

Pleased to hear you had a great time. I’ve driven / ridden there several times, never fails to impress …

No worries, she said she would say hello, glad you enjoyed it.