It's 2009 yer know!

Shouldn’t the events section be 2009 now, or did the LHC actually stop time in September and no one noticed?

Maybe this thread might wake Spaggy up :astonished:

Maybe…maybe…I’m still waiting for a reply on the Stafford photos by the way, can you contact me please Spaggy? :slight_smile:

…and if you want me to help with publicity for the clubs TT events I could do with a reply too! :open_mouth:

likewise details of events for Desmo … :slight_smile:

Another ducati owner (from the ducatisti forum as it happens) has requested that someone post a notice for an upcoming 2009 (can you see where this is going…) event on this forum, I thought OK I’ll put it on our forum, might get some outside interest, so I offered to put it on and started to reply… ‘yes I’ll put it on our 2009 events section’…ah no, best just say… ‘events section’.
Doesn’t look too good eh? :blush: Can’t a 2009 events section just be added?