it's Tall I'm Shortish .!!!

Hi There ,
This sort of runs on from my last question that I posted here . I have a 2012 Multistrada that I love to ride , my problem only comes to light getting on and off and coming ( more importantly ) to a dead stop . I am not the tallest of chaps and coming to a stop I have this habit now of shifting myself slightly so as to get one foot better planted on the ground . This was alright over a year ago when I got the bike but , a foot operation later I do have a slight weakness that I have to plan ahead for .
My question now you have the back ground is has anybody besides seat changing lowered their Multistrada in any shape or form . So maybe a spring change or some thing along those lines .
I did try to PX my bike and got offered a rude ( in my eyes ) offer . I’ve also had the bike on ebay for a week and not even an offer came my way … I’m off to the TT soon and cant be bothered now till after I come back … Bar HumBug …!!! :laughing:

Blimey this is a bit of a Ramble … Ho Hum. :unamused:



If you are coming to the TT make sure you check out the events the club has organised - details in the 2015 events forum

I think Ducati do a lower seat?

Howard, some dealers may be able to help you, I know that ProTwins have been able to help others with similar problems.

Thank You all for your knowledge on this matter . Sorry do you know where I can find Protwins Please ???
I did try phoning up P&H as they supposedly have an Ohlins specialist as I have the full Ohlins electronic suspension f&r and ECU … Not very help full at all really is my conclusion . Ho Hum. :unamused:

Unit 14 Lambs Business Park,
Tilburstow Hill,

01342 892888

unit 14, Lambs Business park, Tilburstow Hill, Godstone, Surrey RH9 8LJ. 01342 892888

Once again Many Thanks .