Jerez Trip

I can’t believe no-one has posted in here yet, are we 999ers shy? I’ll start it off by asking for some advice.
I’m off to Jerez to the motogp at the end of march a round trip of approx 3000 miles because although we’re going via Santander we’re coming back via France and St Malo, I’m sure someone has done the trip on a 999 before so any tips and advice would sure be welcome. Colin from Ducati Manchester has been a diamond he’s done the trip several times and has given me loads of advice regarding the route and what to expect weather wise ( Snow around Madrid!) Any type specific advice would be welcome, things to watch or check on route with the bike and what was your experience? I’ve just had the 2yr service done by the guys at DM so hoping it will go ticketyboo!
And how do you get those bloody smilies on???

ps I’m travelling really light no hard lugage so the kitchen sink is staying at home.

Just take a card for your fuel and some sun glasses, is it you that was at the track day and not been near since ???

Never been to Spain, but I have been to the south of France several times on a 916, and 500 miles is about my limit for a days riding now that I am over 40.
I would think that even at the end of march you should be planning to maximise your time in the warmer south and then blast it back up the west coast autoroutes in France.
The 999 is a more comfortable bike than a 916 so you should have no trouble with 600 or 700 miles in a day if you are reasonably fit.

Enjoy the GP and the weather.


Thanks for the input gentlemen and Hi Martin yes its me!!! I don’t know about never been near I’m always knocking around and keeping an eye on whats going on via the usual sites, I’m always bloody busy thats the problem, my shifts roll 4 on 4 off which always turn into 6 on 2 off and the occasional 12 on 2 off! got a few thousand miles under my belt now though and its the best bike you’ve ever sold me! Ha. the rideouts from DM at the end of each month are a top idea and be sure i’ll make the ones i can, surprise surprise i’m working this next one ( so far anyway) sure to be at the trackday at Oulton so hope to see you soon especially as Roger’s season starts soon.


Firstly let me say I’m jealous…

Secondly I travelled on the road from the France/Spanish border to Pamplona (The N121 if memory serves). Cracking road and well worth a go if you travel through that bit.

Cheers for the tip we certainly are in that area on the way back and checking out Google earth for some nice looking roads and the best ones generaly always come recomended, we plan to spend a day maybe two in that area before mile munching through France to St Malo. Just praying for some decent weather as I believe it can get bloody cold at this time of year, just read the Rider survey on cold weather gear and I’m going for a set of the (forgive me) BMW thermal under suit! lol.