Just bought my new Ducati after a break of 10 years!

After having a break from biking for ‘a bit’ I bought a new white Multistrada 1200S last Saturday. Had a bit of a trek to pick it up from Essex though enjoyed the 150 mile ride home, great way to become ‘acquainted’!

Loving the bike so far, had a ride down to North Devon last Sunday morning in the fog (which fortunately cleared mid morning) - performed faultlessly.

Since I did the 600 miles ready for the first service in the first 24 hours of ownership I had to get her booked in for service ASAP, luckily I managed to get booked in at Ducati Aylesbury this Friday. Looking forward to sticking some real miles on afterwards! :smiley:

Hello Catflap.
Welcome to the forum and back to biking, straight in at the deep end, you’ll love it, they are so comfy and fast!

Hello catflap, and welcome to the forum and (returning) Ducati ownership from me!

Got the service done though since the service lamp hadn’t actually come on when the service was done they couldn’t reset it. Guess what? Yes it came on just as we got home so now I’ve got to go back again tomorrow to get the lamp reset!