Just had to go Retro (Proper Retro!)

Managed to pick this up on e-Bay last week for sensible money.
It’s a MotoTrans 250 Strada, which is much more affordable nowadays than a Bologna built Mk3

It might not be a “real” Ducati in the eyes of the purists, but it’s still a classic single, and even uprated to 12v electrics. I had the misfortune to own a 250 24 Horas many moons ago, but I hope this is better quality and a bit more reliable. Time will tell.

Looks good mate . I have a 160 ts moto trans in need of full restoration, it will be grey and silver a very pretty little bike . I may stand corrected but weren’t the moto trans genuine Ducati parts just assembled in Spain .
Regards Brian

I have wanted a Vento for a long time now, I hope when I get enough money together one may bexavailable

There’s one on e-bay as I write for under £2k

Had a look, it’s nice