Just joined! So learning where posts, pics and tings go

Greetings all.
Have an 899 hybrid which is currently at local dealers as it’s sick. Am on another Ducati web site and thought it was about time I joined here too.

Very nice, or it will be, we have a main fab page and our local branches nearly all have their own fb page if you do the socials.

This is about my media/social limit!!
Not on FB or other sites so any meet ups going on will need to be on here.

Where about s in the country are you ?

Although just been told my 899 has a damaged engine so may throw it in the skip. This is the second Ducati I’ve owned and the previous one was utter sh…
Components just fell apart or broke/failed so often I got rid. This 899 is heading the same way it seems.

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Sorry to hear that your Duc is probably terminal. For good advice on whether or not it’s fixable try Carl Harrison in Harleston, I highly recommend Carl

had a good chat with Carl re my engine bits. Was very helpful. Lovely chap.


Good news, I hope you get it sorted out so you can enjoy it

Yep. Off to auto Italia day at Brooklands on it on Sunday next week.