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Hi, have just joined, my past bikes have been several Dukes, 750, 748, 916, and at the present I am riding a yami R6, and rebuilding two 250 single ducatis one road and one custome race. I live in Devon and would like to possibly meet someone with the same interest.
Also I need to find out how to authenticate my 250s for build date Reg can ya help.
Regards Ron :laughing:

Welcome to the site you have experts down your way and I’m sure they will be along soon. We have a club member who will sort that out for you all info in Desmo mag.

Cheshire Cat
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Hi Ron,

Are you going to race it or do it as a cafe racer for the road?

I race a widecase MkIII 250.
I’m no expert but if I can help then just ask.

Good to have you in the club.



Hi Roger, I will be using my 250 as a cafe racer for the road but need to get it reg related for the DVLA. Don’t want a Q plate. Thanks for your reply hope someone can help. Have the correct engine and frame numbers but need someone to authenticate it for the Authorities before I can register it.
Again thanks R.G.Reeve

Thanks for your reply Cheshire will see wat repls I get in the near future
Regards RON

Hi Ron,
Welcome to the site and club??
I’m down in S.E. Cornwall/Kernow as Mrs R calls it, she’m being a pointy head!
I’m slowly rebuilding a '74 250 Desmo Disc, I bought it as a runner but it was very shabby although about 90% original. It came already fitted with a rubber mounted 30mm Mk1 Amal (now smoothed bored to 32mm) and a gas flowed head by John Smith a well known tuner from around 30 years ago, now converted to 900 Desmo helper springs by Tony Brancato.
So far I’ve spent a small fortune on stainless steel parts, new Rita ignition system, 12V conversion, carb conversion, head conversion, period Lucas headlamp which accepts a Halogen bulb, rebuilt wheels with S/steel spokes and new front flanged rim.
I’m going to make my own loom as I was very pleased with the one I made for my ‘79 900SS.
I’m going to rebuild the bottom end, so that everything is fresh when it hits the road, I quite fancy converting it to 350 and have been looking for a cheap motor or complete Mk3 or Condor for some time to cannibalise for the crank flywheels, barrel and bevels…
The only way to tell that this mod’s been carried out is to count the fins on the barrel as the 350 item has one extra fin! I’ve seen lots of fast “250’s” that are really a 350cc.
As I said the rebuilds going slowly as cash is a bit short and I have a few other Ducati projects on the go, I own 4 Dukes inc’ the 250…
Apart from the odd ride the 250’s intended for my wife Ness to ride, as at 6ft tall even my 900 bevel cripples me these days I’m 51 now.
Are the motors on your bikes standard? Do you carry out your own engine work?
I hope to meet up with you at some time.

Steve R The real version not that Northern imposter! :wink:

Hello Ron.
Welcome to the club.
See you around I hope.

Welcome to the club and friends in cyber space…
Im sure youll enjoy it,just watch out for the northern Mr Steve R and all his crew :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I always say you get out of it what you put into the club so !!!
Cheers Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
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The Wirral a great place to live

:question: Hi thanks to everyone that replied, but I am still no closure to registering my re-built 250, who can authenticate my bike by its ser nos as prof of manufactures year, for the DVLA.As previosly mentioned I want a re-lated reg plate. Please point me in the right direction

Hi Ron,

I’m sure the Club has a dating officer (no, not THAT kind of dating, as far as I know); but if not, the VMCC will do it for you.

Go vmcc.net/ and look under Services, DVLA.

(I’ve just had my newly acquired Vento registered in the UK for the first time …)



From the ‘memberzone’ page on the DOC website, there’s a specific link to the machine dating page:
This has details of what you need to provide and an e-mail address to send your queries to.
Other pages in the ‘memberzone’ include tool hire, technical literature, etc, etc. Lots of useful stuff - have a look.

The e-mail address for dating is also listed in the front of the Desmo mag if I remember right, in with the other committee members contact details.