Just settling in! I'm Kenny....

Hello all,

Please let me take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Kenny and I am a Scotsman of moderate years living in Newcastle upon Tyne. Just over a week ago, I became the proud custodian (owner) of a 1974 Ducati GT 750, sympathetically restored maintaining all its authenticity! I remember this bike in this colour in a set of trump cards, when I was a child!!

Its not my first Ducati and it probably won’t be my last!!

So in fact, the bike is still in transit from Italy, due to arrive in about another week and I am about to embark upon a NOVA, so I can register it with the DVLA and obtain an age-related number and have it taxed.

Of course, I will have to have it MOT’d and change the km/h speedo!

Any advice on any of this?

I see feked.com sell a Veglia Borletti “Type” (replica MPH speedo) for a T140


and so wondered if anyone had gone down that route before securing the real deal in the future on fleabay or somewhere.

Also, the bike was manufactured 1974, however, was not registered until 1976 - so in what year will it be registered by the DVLA here in blighty?

I would say 1974…?

I have received the NOVA forms today:

  1. V55/5 (V355/5 explains how to fill in the V55/5 [BADLY])
  2. V149 &
  3. V62
  4. Useless Leaflets

Interested to hear of any advice.

I have requested a Dating Certificate from the DOC GB and sent through some photos of the Frame and Engine numbers, but heard nothing so far. I am sure a reply will be imminent.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself!

Hello Kenny.
Welcome to the club, I posted your card and Demo on Monday, so you should have it today.
When did you e-mail Pete Ward, he does work away now and again, so it does take him a week or so to reply sometimes?
Never had to change the speedo, my Darmah has km in large and mph in small, so it’s OK for the UK.



The bike you have bought is the same model and colour as the first Ducati I ever saw. It was the moment I became Ducatista :smiley:

Hi Kevin,

I believe you are the membership secretary.
Thank you in advance for processing my Paypal payment into a membership via your processes!

The Speedo on the GT is KM/H only, so will need to be updated to comply with the legal requirements.
Clive Fitzgerald forwarded my original email on the 17th to the Dating Secretary (Pete Ward?), so he will have a copy of that. I thought it courteous to contact him in person, so I sent through the frame and engine numbers photos directly and just await to hear further if anything else at this stage is required. I work away too and can understand intermittent management of various communications. Its hard work!


I think I recognise your name too as a moderator, perhaps. I believe you are very active on this site. Anyway, it put a smile on my face to read about this bike being responsible for your affliction with Ducatista Syndrome :sunglasses:

So thanks both for making me feel welcome.

I am very please to say that my reward for getting up very early this morning was the successful completion of my NOVA application.

Next stop the DVLA and a MPH speedo.

Best wishes,


HI Kevin,

Just confirming that my membership pack and membership card arrived today. “Desmo” looks like a lively, event-filled club magazine. So many thanks for that.
The kind welcome gift of a DOC GB key ring will proudly adorn one of the keys of the GT 750!

Just a quick question about the site, possibly directed more to Steve; When I write a reply it seems to take until the next day before it is actually posted? Is that normal? :unamused:

When I do my restoration updates on the Vincent site, it goes up immediately, images and all.

I look forward to learning from the “Springtwins” section.

Thanks again both.


[size=150]Hi Kenny, welcome to the club. I am the branches co-ordinator.
I am afraid we don’t have a DOC GB branch near you, but hopefully you will come along to some events.
If your interested to see if there are any members near you we can do a check, and we could look at starting a branch! All we need is a volunteer to organise it.?[/size]


According to Page 2 of my first ever copy of Desmo, this would make you “Guy G.”!

Thanks for your welcome.

It would be kind of you to do a local sweep of any other nearby members. Always nice to meet new enthusiasts.

I have a very good friend now who helped me out with some carburettor questions when I first started riding my Vincent. We go for ride outs now and keep in touch between travels. We have a few Vincent riders up here in the North East, possibly enough to start a Branch, however, the sparseness of riders of some marques is what makes our roads in the countryside that little bit quieter, but it means support usually comes from further afield when we need that helping hand!

That’s why the club forum can be so useful!

My only comment is no real time responses an discussions on an evening. Seems all my posts are subject to review before posting. Is that only apply to newbies or is it a restriction of how the site runs?

it would be great to know that a resolution to an issue can be found in an evening of posting, instead of over a week.

Anyway, I am sure someone will educate me on this, perhaps its one of the site improvements that was indicated at the entry to the site. I see there is a shop too, though I cannot see into that.

I am slowly learning of some suppliers for potential spares and consumables for the GT750, as I would like to run it on the road, keeping it in tip top condition and not just have it as a museum piece sitting in the hall way. If anyone has an update on the status of the shop, that would be great too.

Again, thanks for the welcome.



Hi Kenny, and welcome from me to Ducati ownership (again - what other Ducatis have you owned?) and DOC GB.

I’m sure that Pete W will be able to help you, plus the many people on this forum. Look forward to seeing a pic once you have the bike in your ownership.


Many thanks for the additional welcome, Desmo.

I have owned 14 bikes. I have ridden as a riding coach another 8 bikes and I have been asked to ride or offered another 13 (including a 916 and a 996), I learned on another and was pillion on a CBR1000F which made me take my motorcycle test a few weeks later (I wanted to be the one twisting the throttle)!

So my list of Ducatis…OK here goes:

My first was a Ducati Sport 1000 (built by Pro-V-twins) with full Ohlin’s front & rear, Termi race system, open belts & clutch, raised bars (slightly), fly screen, sticky tyres, the rest of the bike dripped in Speedymoto kit and I had the first ever set of Ghillies rearsets (I had to work with the UK dealer and provide measurements (interesting process) as they were dangerously close to the swingarm. They redesigned a couple of parts and updated the design. There were of course, other goodies added along the route of ownership. The bike was the sound of GOD on the overrun! That was in 2006 and sold it in 2011.

Then I bought an 848 when I promised I would never buy a fully faired bike again, just because I loved the look of it. I sold that 6 months later because I rode it like it was going to be my last day on earth! Having a young family, I decided to part with it and preserve my responsibilities!

Then I bought a sensible Multistrada and sold it after my last tour round the coast of Scotland.

Today I have 4 bikes, one of which is the Ducati GT 750 which I cannot wait to see how that is to ride.

The Ducati Sport 1000 has been the ONE bike I regret selling. Not just because its value is now surprisingly high, but because I loved the engine, the sound it made, the feedback from the chassis and its looks. I sold it because it killed my back, literally. A trip of 130 miles down into the North Yorkshire Coast (near Ghoatland) and teetering on some country stretch of road that had been resurfaced with a layer of tar and stones thrown over the top (like riding on marbles) made my mind up. If I couldn’t ride it any more, then it was not going to sit in my garage! That may have been one of my more daft decisions!!

I was going to post some pictures of the Sport 1000, though the photos I tried to upload in an earlier post already did not appear on the Preview or the submitted posted reply. IN fact my last post (reply) has never appeared at all!

If anyone can help with that, please let me know.

Thx, Kenny.

The first 10 posts of a new member need moderating before they appear - last ditch effort to stop the spammers. I will stop it on your future posts

Your explanation, Steve, is appreciated.

Have a great weekend.