Just to say Hi!

Hi everybody, I’ve just become the owner of a 2002 750s in big bits! Slowly getting my head around the missing parts & the bodges of previous owners, the worst so far being the rear caliper bolts Araldited & siliconed into the carrier! What were they thinking?! Thank the lord they never got so far as the engine which is in pretty good nick.
I’ll let you know how it comes along. If anyone has L/H & R/H upper fairing panels (the ones that carry the front indicators) or know where I could get them, please let me know, I’d be eternally grateful.
All the best, Firebob.

[size=150]Welcome to you. Sorry I can’t help, but good luck and keep smiling.

Hi Firebob,
and welcome from me. Sounds like a good winter project you’ve bought, you can always advertise for anything you’re looking for in ‘panigale Parts’ in Desmo, just email editor@docgb.net

Thanks for the welcome, i’ll keep you all posted.