Just trying out forum features

Just trying out forum features, please reply and I’ll see if I get an e-mail notification.

yup! photo looks a bit out of proportion though … bit of a curve on it?

Yes, this was the official photo from Mortons, too wide a lens?

probably, shame its distorted the main image … :frowning:

It’s distorted it so much I look overweight and grey, and Martyn’s lost his hair!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ha bloody ha :slight_smile:


When I enabled the upload feature I limited the image size to 800 x 600 pixels and a maximum of 256k. If you upload a picture bigger the forum will try to make it fit and can distort it.

I can change the settings if required



The picture is distorted anyway, due to the camera lens, the forum says the limit is 1000 x 800 I think, and 256kb

When I enabled the upload feature the max was set @ 1000 x 700+ 256k I think. I had a play with uploading files and have now set the max to 800 x 600 + 256k but if the width is greater than 400 it creates a thumbnail of 400 automatically and displays full size when clicked.