Keihan stainless pipes S2?

Has anyone fitted a set of Keihan stanless downpipes and or balance pipe to their bevel?
Bought a set recently, they don’t seem to fit my 1982 Darmah! The exit angle is way too high so much so that the silencers end up 30mm higher than the fixing points, and the sidestand clashes.
Went over to the factory, they couldn’t get them to fit either, they showed me the original (Ducati?) set that they made their’s to and they look like they are off an S2? Which explains whyy they have that strange kink in the rear one.
Does anyone know if the frame is different ie higher exhaust mountings on the S2?
Keihan will give me a refund without problem, but I still don’t have new shiny downpipes! boo hoo :cry:

Hi Kevin,
Welcome to the forum mate.
Just a thought why don’t you get them to make up a set that fits for you?
As I said on the club e-mail list they fit on my "79 900SS, which never had a side stand as standard, although the frame has/had lugs to fit one from the roundcase 750’s.
The strange kink in the rear downpipe is to clear the inside of the full fairings fitted to the Hailwood Rep’s.
I’ve always thought that the Darmah pipes had the same run as the 900SS, the difference was that the Darmah’s had double skinned downpipes.
I might be wrong though.
If you go to the club website there’s a picture of me with ‘Beverly’ taken at the V Twin, she’s fitted with a full Keihan system, you won’t see the side stand lugs though, I cut them off before powder coating the frame to shed a bit more weight…
That’s another of Ness’ pasties I can eat, you can’t get good pies down 'ere.

Hi I’ve tried to put a link to the pic’ here… … h%20SS.jpg


I have an old set of keihans on my 79 darmah ,they fit fine ,had them 15 yrs or so.I will take a few pics tomorrow
Doesnt have standard sidestand only the mounting is original.

some more pics

Hello Steve.
Found the photo of you and Beverly, you look very happy together, I think the pillion footrest hangers, and hence the silencers are higher than the Darmah’s, it doin’ me yed in!!
They’ve sent their patterns off to the benders, (they don’t bend the pipes themselves) and they may be interested in doing some to fit, but it will have to wait till winter, I want to ride the bloody thing now!
Some pipes were double skinned which would account for the different part numbers, I’m bringing my tape measure to the Merlin, so we’ll see then, It’ll make a change from arguing about what type of oil to use? :laughing:
Sorry to hear you won’t be coming, you’ll be missed :cry:
Hello Wavey.
Did you take the sidestand off to fit the pipes?

Ive never had the proper sidestand,had to remove centre stand to fit the metamachex swinging arm .
Found and old superdream stand and made that fit.
Also need spacers on footrests to keep exhaust clear of swingarm

Hello Wavey.
Why did you change the swing arm?
I see what you mean, you’re pipes do look like they are the right shape ie not to tight to the frame and not such a kick at the end, the ones I had must have been a bad batch, I’m still going to try to pursuade them to make some ‘Darmah’ ones so that I can keep my std sidestand.

Hi Kevin
Well many years ago I was browsing in a shop ,MPS if I remember ,and they had this gorgeous metamachex darmah swinging arm for sale so I bought it :slight_smile:
It shortened wheelbase slightly and made back end rock solid ,I think it made the handling faster and far better than it was.
I am sure (but could be wrong cos was so long ago)that when I bought my keihans there were 2 diff types.
I havent seen a pic of new ones but maybe the balance pipe may be all that needs to be different.

ps I bought them from Tony Broncato so maybe he could advise if you call him.

I’ve taken my downpipes into Keihan for them to borrow as pattens, I’ll go and get them back in February, let’s hope they copy them OK. :smiley:

Got the new downpipes back from Keihans a few weeks ago, they fit like a glove, :smiley: and they miss the side stand, :smiley: so well done Keihans!
Andrew at Mdina Italia should have some of hese new ‘Darmah’ ones in, I think he’s sold some of them already.