Kent Meet / Fairng Screw

Hi All
Just joined the DOCGB having just purchased a Panigale 899. What a bike. Previous bike was an R1 so a big difference.
Assuming the bike meet is still happing in the Kent Section which I gather happens on the 4th Sunday of the month I will be along and look forward to seeing what it’s all about and meeting everyone.
Just one thing. One of the top, inside front fairing screws has come out. Stock No is 77240263C. It’s only about 30p but the Ducati dealer I am dealing with seems reluctant to deal with it awaiting a bigger order !!

[size=150]Welcome to the forum and the club. The Kent branch are a very active branch, so you should find plenty going on.

Hi Bob, welcome to the forum and the club! We are very active in Kent, but most of our events and meets are arranged on our Facebook page. Most people find it easier to use, so the forum is a bit dead. Look for us there, search for DOCGB Kent Branch :smiley:

Thanks for that will check it out.