Key cutting Scotland

Hi folks,
I have lost the remote key for my Diavel 1260S (2019) :cry: Spoke to dealer who have supplied a new fob and “blank” key blade & told me to get this cut to match the red master key (which fortunately I still have), after which I need to take the bike & all keys to them to be recoded.
The problem is that I can’t find anyone who will cut the key blade for me :frowning: (tried the usual services like Timpsons, who weren’t interested).
Does anyone know of a locksmith/key cutting service who might help? I’m in north east Scotland (Aberdeenshire) so would prefer someone local if possible.
Many thanks all

Aye Degibson,
Have you tried Lumsdens of John Street, Aberdeen, 01224-632428 ?
There’s a laddie there called Henry, canna mind his last name, but he was most helpful with advice on opening a Chubb safe.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately Lumsdens stopped trading a couple of months ago :frowning:. Good news is i think i’ve found an independent locksmith who can help. I’ll post an update later this week.