Knackered Fuel Pump

Aaaaarghhh! The long suffering and much abused Paso has finally let me down. Fortunately it only did the dirty on me about 200 yards from home (that’s approx 183 metres for the sprogs).
I think it’s a diabolical indictment of Ducati reliability that the fuel pump failed at just 25 years old. Do you think I have a warranty claim?
On replacing it, however, I found the following stamped on the back - “Nippon Denso”. Is this some sort of code or part number? If anyone else has a problem with such parts they should complain to Ducati about it.
Angry…blah blah blather…bloody rubbish Italian electrics…why do you need a pump anyway…never had one on me old bevels…blah blah…

:laughing: :laughing:

It gave up as it was sick being attached to a dirty bike !!?

A workmate of mine years ago now had the oil light come on, on his VW Beetle after over 100,000 miles.
So he wrote and complained to VW in Germany, they replied and asked him to take it to his local dealership.

Steve R