latest desmo nz route recommendations

Having grown up in the North Island and riden around teh south Island about 8 or 9 times I read this article with interest

It omitted some of the better roads, for the north island I would have added anywhere around the coromandel peninsula and in particular the Kopu Hikuai road, possible the best bit of riding in the north island.

I would have also put a caveat on the east coast recommendation, whilst its great scenerty its also infamous for the local gang culture, and its not uncommon for people to feel a little less than welcome in some of the rural hick towns

South Island completely missed the Arthurs pass which is a truely stunning road and scenery, also missed the manitoto valley aka the pig route which is well off teh tourist trail

The article also failed to mention the issue of motorcycle theft, unless things have changed its a very real isue and problem far worse than the uk or western europe

Hi Kiwi, the article was taken as it was written - feel free to add to it in the next issue of ‘Desmo’.

I thoughh it might have been

would you like an letter to the editor or an article?

an article would be better, and if you have any pics to go with it, that would be fantastic! Thank you.

loads of photos but they are all in my pre ducati days - possibly not appropriate

Look forward to reading it, looks a lovely place but I guess like everywhere good bits and bad bits

South Island is pure magic, virtually impossible to find a bad place to ride

North Island not so great, parts of it my wife described as Lincolnshire with hills, there is a lot of mundane back country that can not be avoided to get from a to b

If time is limited my recopmmendation is to spend all of your time in the south island

I know the club from the South Island, one started in the North also, will just visit South one then is best advice !!!

North Island has some good bits, as Kiwi says, the Coromandel Peninsula loop is a good ride, The forgotten highway to Whangamomona is a bit twisty to get any good flowing progress going but it is not that bad, and I can think of worse ways of getting from A to B than the Waioeka Gorge from Gisborne to Opotoki.
But I have to agree that South Island is “as good as it gets”, empty roads, spectacular scenery, maybe a bit of rain now and then, but it is definitely worth putting up with the long flight to get there.
You need 3 weeks minimum!
I have to make do with just over 2 weeks when I go and it is never enough. Good excuse to back again though.

and there is a damm good pub in the middle of this gorge

Hi Kiwi - thought you were going to write something for Desmo about your knowledge of NZ? Would be much appreciated. Thanks