Leaking fork seals - '93 750ss

Just found a small puddle of oil on the floor which I have traced back to one of the fork seals. I have ordered some replacement parts and 10 weight oil. My question is: are there any tricks of the trade to make the replacement job go smoothly - or is it simply just as per the Haynes manual?



Hi Richard, this might help!!
I had the same problem with my 916 and doing the same as in the above video fixed the leak.
I made my own fork seal tool out of an old business card so a free repair ! :smiley:


Thanks for the suggestion. I used a sliver of thin plastic and got the seal re-bedded. Just come back from a quick trip and - no oil leak! Many thanks for your assistance on this :smiley:



Hi Richard, glad it worked, now I just wonder how many fork seals I’ve changed over the years unnecessarily!!! :laughing: