Leaks from oil filter, 750SS

Morning all - the issue of leaks from the oil filter on the 750SS and Monster series seems well covered on the internet. I have just done a belt change, oil and filter change on my 2001 750SS i.e.
No leaks from the old filter, a new Ducati filter seeps oil down the sides, a K&N filter does so too. The old filter also now seeps if I put it back on the bike.

  1. The filters are tightened to the correct torque.
  2. Seep persists even when the filter is tightened a little more.
  3. There are NO bits of old gasket, dirt or any other foreign bodies inside the filter housing or stuck to the sealing ring.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so how was it resolved?

Hope someone may be able to help.

Kind regards


A friend on mine with a Hyper and a 748 has had similar problems, they both spontaneously started leaking, took them off nothing to be found, replaced them and they’ve been fine, they were Ducati ones too???

Some filters bottom out on the threaded stub before they’ve pinched up the rubber seal enough to complete the seal.
On my 851 I removed the threaded stub, turned it down in the lathe and then refitted it…Result no more leaking new filters.

Steve R

Thanks for your comments Gents.
Bizarrely it has now stopped weeping oil from the K&N filter. This might just have been a dribble of oil being squidged out from the sealing ring as I nipped it up, but the OEM Ducati filters continued to leak for some time.
I think there might well be a potential issue with the threaded stub, although I can see no trace on the OEM filters of it binding on the metal surface of the interior of the filter. I have access to a lathe and will investigate getting the stub out and turning it down a little next time I change the oil.