Long time member (since 1983), just new to this forum!

Hi everyone - I have an '81 Darmah, purchased sometime in 1983 many years before Ducati’s became cool, and was my sole form of year round transport for around 18 years when family pressures meant that I had to get a car. A major rebuild (engine by Paul at DTS) and it became a fair weather ride around my Surrey home for 15 more, albeit with many cosmetic and mechanical modifications. Redundancy and relocation to the other end of the country combined with new ‘responsibilities’ has kept it from the roads for the last three, but I hope that by the time that the new Hartside Cafe is built up in my new home here in deepest Cumbria it’ll be back on the road! I’m not very familiar with the finer points of the more modern models, but like to think that I have a fair bit of Bevel related experience that I’d be only too happy to share.