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Hi There

I have been in the club for over 5 years now and did own a outstanding 1998 748 until 23 Oct 2011 until some little s_ _t rear ended me at a junction, result is 748 is no more!

So been an older git I am now looking for a 1000, 1000s, 1100 or 1100s Multistra, in good nick. Anyone looking to sell one?. Also I am looking for advise on serving, hope its less then the 748 but am get mix message weather it does or doesn’t cost more.

Anyway look forward to some replys, live in the West Midland and am Chairman of Wolverhampton Advance Motorcyclists.


Mark H :nerd:

Bad news about the748, the Multistradas are a great bike,a few members in West Mids have them as well as man others, welcome to the forum.

Or something ducati thats different like an ST2

Nothing to do with me but the bike apparently has ‘ducasti’ history and is a well sorted machine
Pictures on the UKGSER make it look MINT

Just an idea for you ?

I will cut and paste the words from the advert below & Pictures
If you or anybody is interested I will send the guy a PM via UKGSER as unless you are a member of the site there is no direct link to the seller.
As I said
Just an idea ? :bulb:

I’ve got one myself and think they are vastly underrated machines…well I’ve had two myself this year :stuck_out_tongue:

This last picture is an example pic… to show luggage fitted :sunglasses:



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Ducati st2

My Ducati st2 it’s a 97 one of the first with sport tourismo graphics under the st2 logo
26,000 mls lots of service history lots home servicing
I bought it of a guy on ducatisti who owned it for 8 years and has replaced most of the problem areas of an st.
ie new starter
Whole New clutch including basket
Belts all fluids replaced oct 2010 only done 1000
I have added bar risers and Baglux tank cover
It has colour matched panniers
Currently sorn will put new MOT on for sale
I bought it to do a trip with my mates which never came off
Unfortunately I broke my wrist years ago and can’t get on with sportier riding positions anymore otherwise I would keep it as its a lovely bike for little money but I always seem to take my airhead when I go for a ride
Pictures added if any interest
I’ll get her out of hibernation and take some Pics tomorrow or weekend
Asking £1600 firm ready to tour oh yes almost forgot its Red

Welcome to the forum
ST2 are a good bike, and very cheap to buy, probably the most under valued Ducati?
See you around.
Kevin Baker
West Mids co-ordinator