Looking for a single seat for Bevel 900S

Looking for a 750SS/900SS single seat if anybody has one for sale.

Or recommendations for sourcing a copy please. Also where I can get the white DESMO decal for the rear end.

Don’t know if you have found one yet but if not, there is one on e-bay right now. Same seller also has a pair of side panels.

Ducati 900SS, 900SS Seat Unit, Original, OEM, 750ss Bevel | eBay

Decals you can get from a company called ‘Classic Transfers’. They do pretty much everything.

Cheers John.

I’m sorted thanks. Managed to get one and have it painted, and clear coated.

Looks good. My B&G needs the same early scheme - where did you get the paintwork done please? Reasonable cost? Would you recommmend? Cheers, Rob (Peak District)

The previous owner had the paint done, it’s very good and they have not used decals where painting can be done instead.

The place that did it was The Paint Studio in Nottingham.

Thanks for that. Not too far from me…