Looking for Pantah 600 reg: UJO 986X


Am just curious as to the whereabouts of a Pantah I bought new in 1981 - reg no: UJO 986X

I got it from Powerbiking when they were at Chinnor in Bucks in 1981 and traded it in at the original Jack Lilley’s (Steve Lilley RIP) when they were in Shepperton High street for a new Jota 120 in 1983.

After some light cosmetic damage to the Pantah, I stripped it down to the bare bones (in mum’s dining room!) and had the frame stove enamelled gold, all nut’s n bolts either enameled gold and engine casings etc anodised gold. The seat was made by a mate at Wood & Pickett and was a light tan/beige with ‘Ducati’ in red stitching. The bodywork was painted at Rolls Royce in Willesden by a mate in a deep maroon. Finally got it put back together at 5am on the morning I set off to the TT at 7am! Was reaching down to balance the carbs by ear as I rode it up the M1! Entered it into the Laxey custom show and seem to remember getting a 4th or 5th place.

Anyway, I lament and hope you found this an interesting read from an owd biker (now on a Tiger 1050 but looking to go smaller…TBD)

If anyone has any knowledge of my old Duke, then it would be great to hear about it.