M600 Monster rear wheel bearings info

Just a bit of info for those who want to know
Just changed the rear wheel bearings in our 1994 M600 Monster
They are 40m outside x 17mm internal x 16mm wide
Original fitment was(I think, they may have already been changed?) SKF 6220-2RS1/C3
The C3 is apparently the tolerance, which we wee told would make no difference for this application…
We fitted SKF 62203-2RS1

I have not had to replace a rear yet Kevin, a front went after a track day though

The “C3” denotes the tolerance for high temp’s resistant bearings, which inc’ those needed/built in for temp’s created by friction.
I always use “C3” bearings in wheels and cush drives, however it’s debatable if they’re really needed in the case of wheel bearings, but I’ve burnt my hand touching a disc after a fast run before now, so I made damn sure that I never touched them again, whilst checking them for cracks or changing pads during pits tops in Endurance races.
The “2RSI” denotes that the bearing is sealed on both sides, as in 2 times rubber seal installed.

Steve R

Yes Steve, of course you are right, that’s more of less what they told me at the bearing place,… but I wasn’t listening.
It was Xmas eve afternoon in Wolverhampton and Dylan needed his bike back on the road for work, and they didn’t have the C3’s, so I went with the standard ones.
I don’t think I have ever fitted C3 type before, so as you say probably not strictly necessary but them may last a little longer than standard?