M696 Swingarm in 750SS

Hello fellow Ducasistas I was wondering if anyone knows if the swingarm from a M696 would fit the engine width of a 750SS?

I am building a 2002 750 from the ground up. I have stripped the bike back to the frame and engine and I wanted to modernise it a bit. I have some bits and pieces to enable me to do this and I LOVE the shape of the 2014 onwards swing arm and I’d like to include it in my build.
I am guessing, as the two valve engines are pretty much unchanged if the axle width for the engines are the same or very close (with some shims)?

If need be I can get an axle machined if needs be and as far as the modifications to the frame to offset the shock I am sure I could get a shop to do that as I will probably be taking the frame in to be strengthened at the front and blasted then powder coated anyway.

Thanks in advance.

I think anything can be made to fit, there may have been some modernisation ove the years but most things have been tried.

I have found out that the 750 has a pivot length of 172mm, just need to find out the lengths of each and the pivot length of the M696.

Well, I have gotten myself a 696 swingarm and it fits as far as the following:
engine gap width, pivot spindle fits in terms of diameter and length, rear wheel spindle diameter and width.
The pivot point to wheel spindle is slightly longer and the upper rear shock joint will need to be moved on the frame, which I’d anticipated, but I think it could be a good looking mod.
I’ll post pix when I get around to finishing painting the engine.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you get along with this mod’.

Steve R

OK, now I know why no-one has attempted this before!

First thing I did was download some pictures of both bikes and worked out all the geometry, whilst some of it differs by a couple of degrees, this could just be down to the M696 arm being a little longer.

The arm fits the engine no problem, same width and the pivot spindle is the same diameter, there is exacly the right amount of space at the end of the spindle to fit the circlips back on, so all good there.

The rear wheel spindle on the 750 is the correct length but is too skinny though so either I get a M696 spindle and new wheel bearings, or use conical spacers to centre the spindle in the swingarm? I think either would be viable and safe.

In order to accommodate the frame, I had to file back some of the swingarm where the the bolt goes through, no biggie here as there is a steel threadsert which I ground back to which gives plenty of space for the shock.

Now comes the really hard bit, attaching the top of the shock to the frame. After a lot of measuring and re-measuring, coming up with different solutions, I thought that overkill is probably the best approach so designed a bracket and used 6 gauge hardened steel to make up a bracket to be welded to the frame and incorporate the original top bracket in case it doesn’t work and I can undo my work without then having to reposition the original brackets.

So, this is as far as I have got, the swingarm fits the engine, the original shock fits without hitting the frame and I have a mocked up bracket.

All that is left to do now is put everything together, check the final position of the new top bracket and then weld it in place.

Fingers crossed that it all lines up as it has taken days and days to get this far!

Final top bracket design

Right hand side is the bracket for the shock mount
Cut out and offered up for adjustment

Mock up with M696 seat. I have cut slices out of the frame and bent it to match the profile of the new seat. Which I had laying around - I’ve loads of M696 bits.

Mock up on engine, top mount isn’t welded in yet

Should be strong enough! I decided to add in an extra shock mount to the middle to give height adjustment

I haven’t tried the mock-up with the exhaust yet, but tbh it shouldn’t be too hard to cut and shut the exhaust, but given that the M696 exhaust is thicker and does a loop under the swingarm, I reckon there will be plenty of room.

After a lot of cutting, welding, filing and grinding the swingarm is in! I think it looks epic!

Looks really good, it would make a great story for the magazine

Double disk upgrade, the caliper with the torx bolts is actually off a BMW F800, exact fit! Can I get the torx bolts out? Not a chance! Shame as I wanted the new cap heads to go in.

The front mudguard is off my M696 I had spare after getting a CF one for it.