M900 header pipes

Hi all, hope you’ve had a good Christmas .
I’m thinking about polishing the std header pipes on my 2001 M900 Sie . Think there made of stainless as there not rusty, just discoloured and a bit rough finish. Has anyone tried to polish there’s ?
Thanks and happy new year to you all

Happy New year to you too Tosh.
They are stainless, I did my 2000 M900Sie a few years ago. It depends how stained they are, I ended up doing mine with 1000 grade wet & dry with washing-up liquid & water, as it was the only thing that would shift the brown crust! But if it’s not took bad try Autoglym metal polish and wire wool.

Thanks Kevin, thanks for the reply. I’ve ordered a polishing kit with wheels, mops and compound for a drill. I’ll give it a go and if any good will post some pics.