Mach 1 oil pump problem and request for advice

I have a Mach 1 1966. I don’t get enough oil to the rockers. I have checked the oil pump which seems OK. I have filled the channels up before I start and only a small amount of oil is coming through to the cam wheels at the top. Does anyone have any advice please?

On checking the oil pump did you strip it down. Are there any wear marks on the inner plate towards the gears. Plate should be flat. Ensure all channels are clear as there is a small diameter one. Very few parts inside. Plate can be reversed or replaced. Output from these pumps is high so must be a blockage or wear.

Many thanks for your quick reply and advice. I have taken the engine apart and cleaned all the oil ways. Have re-faced the plate on the pump and am now thinking of opening the oil way on the dowel from 2 to 3 mm in the cylinder, part no. 0400.17.135.

I will get a new spring for the relief valve on the oil pump.

Would be grateful to know if you have any further thoughts on the above.

Wouldn’t have thought it necessary to make hole bigger. Race boys put hoses from head to get the oil back to the crank q
Uicker as oil builds up in the head.thats how good the oil pumps are. I’d be looking for wear in the pump. Have you ran the pump since

Many thanks again for replying and for your advice which I have taken on board. Am unable to start the engine at the moment so am working on that for now.

If the pump has had it Lacey does a nice high output pump.