MAG Enquiry into new Motorcycle test

[size=150]Enquiry into introduction of the new motorcycle test
MAG has persuaded the Transport Select Committee to launch an enquiry into the fiasco over the introduction of the new motorcycle test. MAG is now gathering test cases to provide the enquiry with. MAG?are interested to hear from:

• Test candidates who’ve been injured in taking the new test.
• Test candidates who’ve been failed for not going fast enough.
• Training schools that have gone bankrupt in the wake of the new test.
• Candidates who do not live within a forty minute ride of a test centre.

MAG invite information via the MAG Central Office. Please email details of your particular case to or alternatively you can post it to: MAG UK, PO Box 750, Rugby, CV21 3ZR.
Driver training and traffic safety education

Guy Gagen. MAG/BMF rep.[/size]