Marking advertisements sold

Ref: Marketplace. Can advertisers be given the ability to mark adverts sold, or alternatively to request that their advertisement be taken down once it’s been sold/found? I’ve posted adverts for both Wanted and For Sale, which have been satisfied very quickly, but which still attract responses some weeks later. I’ve sent two emails on this subject, but have had no response, which explains my resorting to this forum.

If it is sold the advertiser can go in and mark it sold themselves

Perhaps you could let me know how? There’s no obvious way to do so, otherwise I’d already have done that.

In marketplace on the website where you have placed the add, go to the right and there is a box marked actions, drop down box, in there is sold, click it, the item is then marked as sold

Not on my version of Safari on iPad, there isn’t .
But thanks to some investigation, I’ve discovered that I can do this via my “My Membership” section, not an intuitive process at all. And only offers “sold” even for Wanted adverts.
Thanks for trying to help.

Yes, it is a bit more difficult on apple devices, I have fed this back to our website company who are going to try to make it more visible

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