Me! (aka Michael Runnicles)

Hi there, just a few words about my Ducati credentials:
I came to motorcycling (proper) and to Ducatis quite late, and by accident, in that some 15 years ago I was driving past a scooter place in Lee (SE London) and an ice-blue bike caught my eye. It turned out to be a Pantah 500SL. When the guy started it I was hooked, and a short test ride convinced me to hand over the money. Although my riding years spanned over 2 decades by then I had never needed more than a Vespa PX200 to get around, so the Pantah was my first true motorcycle. I’ll gloss over a few years of ownership that included a pistons transplant on my driveway, but the time came when it just became too uncomfortable to ride and I switched to an ST2 - really a big Pantah with comfort bits. Loved it but binned it at Brands 2 years ago and dislocated my shoulder in the process. As I was looking for parts to fix it (the ST2, not the shoulder) I came across a rather interestingly resprayed (bright - and I mean BRIGHT - orange) ST4s which has been my ride since.
Although I live in SE London I’m a member of the Kent Branch (well, the co-ordinator at the moment), and most of my riding is in Kent or in Northern France.
My favourite relaxation is to maintain my Ducs and I have a reasonably kitted-out garage which you’re welcome to use if you’re nearby.
Ride safely,

Great story, ta for registering and getting more proper Ducati people on the forum.

Hi Michael, great to hear more about you. Thank you for your most welcome contributions to Desmo, I’m looking forward to receiving more! :wink: