Hello All

Once again Frank and I are very frustated at playing catch up for decisions taken without consequences considered, the mail washer was a disaster, we could not download membership applications paid online, we are now receiveing chasing phone calls whilst at work…again. Will somebody let me have a number to forward the complaints on to ??? No. course you wont, how many more free memberships do we have to give before we get a working system ??? It was working and on a few occasions it was said to completely move our e-mail. I have a report from Graham but it does not give enough information to check membership, I have spent an hour and a half already tonight and got nowhere with it. There is a problem with the receipt of payment wherever and landing with me, this is important as without money, need I say more. Not a dig at anybody as we all do this for the love of it. I am just sick of people phoning me and asking me what I am going to do about it.

We need a better system of me/Frank getting Paypal and Prtx information. Membership is taking 7 days, roughly, the ones missed by mail washer, are now 3 weeks ago. Cheques received since last Friday are being processed now. We are also setting up the Monster Printer to do renewal reminder letters…if it works !!!

Sorry the report wasn’t up to snuff, never mind on to plan B…

give me a rough date range of when things went wrong and when they were okay again and I will get full details for all Protx and PayPal transactions in that time slot.