Who do i contact to resolve a membership problem?

Hi Dave, phone me on 07971 020896 any time before 10pm. If it goes to answerphone leave a message and I will contact you, Frank

Hi Frank, Its now mid April and still no membership pack has come. Did it get posted out? :question:

Yes it did Dave, will send another on Wednesday

Thanks Frank, I’ve not had much luck have I, Hopefully it will arrive ok this time. Would it be possible to send it signed for so we both know it arrives safely?

Hi Dave just checking and doing membership again, what is your last name and I can find you.


Martyn its Tetley

AHaa, it has definately gone out, let me know if it does not turn up early next week and we will get another out to you, Postmen must like reading Desmo !!

Hi Martyn,

Same story here, I’m afraid. Sub paid 3 March, but no Desmo or nuffin’ …


Craig (Smith)

On n’envoie pas cette trucs à la France.

Just kidding,

AHAAAA Mr.Smith, I spoke with Graham about you, you have moved and pay by standing order, we had no CC Smith in Montpelier, my detective powers kicked in and it should be with you, don’t know why you have not had Desmo’s though, we print them off manually for overseas, let me know the last one you had.

Ta Martyn,

Haven’t seen a Desmo for yonks, to be honest - more than 6 months, at least (I’ve 3 issues of the Laverda Owners Club mag here - but no Desmos … )



Hi Craig, just gone through and it still has your old address on, this is why, it is changed and we will get the last whatever number to you, I have the last 3, let me know your last one and it will be sorted.

Do not want to upset a Bevel rider, strong hands !!! I have a weak throat …

Martyn, Nothings come as yet but its only wednesday. If its not here by friday I’ll let you know.

Still nothing Martyn, Do you want to PM me my address to confirm its correct, and send recorded?

Laptop at work tonight Dave, I will ring you on Friday night or rimg me and we will sort it !!! It will start from now as you have recieved nothing

Best bet Martyn is to come to 3 sisters and hand it personally: lol:

And come down to Montpellier to do likewise for me, perhaps :slight_smile:

(The sun is shining and the roads are twisty …)



If only, I would but I am at Oulton on Monday, give me a ring tonight and we will sort it 07977 939136 speak to you in a bit !!

Martyn, is that message for Craig?