Merry Christmas to everyone.

… and a (belated) likewise! :smiley:

Anyone get any bike-related presents?

yea, new ducati leather jacket (retro style)

wow, fab prezzie!

Shirt, belt, hat.

Merry Christmas, thank you Father Fothergill for my wonderful gifts !!!

Merry Christmas to all. Santa gave me the Breil Ducati watch! :smiley: Now I can be more like Martyn!! :open_mouth:

Look forward to seeing you all on New Years Day in London for the PARADE!!! In case you missed it:

Friday marks the second year running the DOCGB will take part in the London New Year’s Day Parade!

The good news is it looks as if it will be dry for New Years Day!! I’ll not mention the temperature – but DO expect you to brave your way through the cold to arrive on the morning! Once again – the cold WILL NOT MATTER once we’re out there in the thick of things on our Italian heaters.

Still and all, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1.   ARRIVALS:  

a. Meeting in Piccadilly: ARRIVE BY 11AM: WE HAVE ASSEMBLY SLOT #44. This will be a marked out area on PICCADILLY near Brick Street. For those with GPS, I make the nearest address 106 Piccadilly, W1J 7NL. There is an awning there for the Limkokwing University. You know the one.

b. Meeting in Wandsworth: ARRIVE IN TIME FOR BACON ROLLS, TOAST AND HOT DRINKS BEFORE DEPARTING AT 10:30 FOR PICCADILLY. Our address is 32 Brodrick Road, SW17 7DY. Parking will not be a problem for those wishing to leave vans, cars, etc. Our home number is 0208 672-3456.

  1.   HELMETS:  Last year we were not required to wear helmets during the Parade (closed road, you see).  I see no reason for this allowance to have changed – so please keep in mind a plan / method of carrying / securing your helmet for the event.  Please think knapsacks, bungee straps, cargo nets, etc, etc.  
  2.   TEAM SCARVES:  The hats we wanted didn’t come through so Laura has bought red scarves for us to wear (smaller than last year’s items).  So please remember to bring a nice red (Ducati, if possible) hat if you have one – or any type you like if you fancy keeping your bonce toasty during standing around time.  If you would like to keep your scarf as a momento of the day we’d ask for £3.  If not we will donate them to local charities.
  3.   PHOTOS:  Please do bring still and video cameras if you think of it.  The more the merrier.  Your photographer friend is welcome.
  4.   BANNER BABES and BOYS:  We have no real control over who is permitted to walk along with the bikes in the parade so can make no guarantees.  However, it’s only obvious that if potential walkers dress in Ducati or red / festive gear it can only help the cause!!
  5.   VEHICLE PARADE PERMITS:  For those meeting at Piccadilly, Laura will hand you your PARADE PERMIT and SCARF at the LONDON HILTON PARK LANE (22 Park Lane, W1K 1BE).  If, for some reason, she is not allowed to set up shop there please rev your engine and look around – something good will happen.
  6.   CLEVER CLOGS:  The Parade route ENDS on Parliament Street near Parliament Square.  Nearest Tube is Bridge Street (Westminster Bridge).  If you are taking the car to the Parade – especially if you are walking it with us - it might be advisable to park nearer the end so you can get away without fuss.
  7.   AFTERWARDS:  Paraders and their partners are welcome back to ours for hot food and drink and a review of the day before heading off to finish the rest of the year!

That’s enough!! If you have any questions just drop us an email or call 0208 672-3456 or 01790 394-8870!!

Can’t wait!