MHR 900 Query

Just putting my Mike Hailwood Replica 900 (I think it might have been referred to as the R1 version!) back on the road after a period of about 5 years :smiley: Completely renovated and as new condition, which it was, when I initially bought it back in ‘85.

Up to 6 years ago, before I took it off the road, I was insuring it for around £4,500. Now after looking around the internet I see prices of between £11,000 to £14,000. My question is, are these bikes really selling for these prices :question: Not as though I would ever sell it, but mainly for an agreed value for insurance.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, the prices have gone up quite a bit. Have a look at some others for sale

Yes, you are spot on with your price range, final price will come down to condition (originality) and mechanical condition of the engine. I am in the same position as you but my bike is not quite original or “as new” so towards the bottom end of you range.
North Leics Motorcycles and Made in Italy Motorcycles usually have a MHR or two for sale so would give you an idea of the retail prices being asked.

There’s also 2 for sale at Motori Di Marino, check out their website for more info

Made in Italy’s got a 1980 one on sale for £14,000

Thanks guys, really good feedback.

Just got some final touches to make to the bike and I’ll post some pictures. This bike is totally original with just a couple of changes.

Brake hoses are now Hel, which I’m looking quite forward to trying out, the other change I’ve made is the tank, which I acquired from Newton Equipment many years ago, with the aircraft filler cap. I still also have the original tank.

Reading up as much as I can without the Ian Fallon books, I’m pretty sure that mine was probably on of the last 900’s made.

Just looking back at some old posts. Its now 3 years on.
Are 750 sports still around - 1972-1974 ? At auction? Private sale ?
What sort of money are they going for??


Hello Marc.
Well, going on the prices on Made in Italy anything from £10,000 - £20,000 I would say?
There’s a part restored GT modified as a Sport on for £14,000!