Hi,new to the forum and hoping somebody can help.I have a 1980 MHR(2nd generation,tickler carbs,1 piece fairing,Gold Line Brembos)which has UK50 stamped above the original factory chassis number.The original number has been modified to DMR900R*98…*the last digits have been removed which is not a concern as discussions with Ian Falloon have revealed the reason behind this and I have added this info only to provide a complete picture.I’m hoping somebody in the UK can shed some light on the UK 50 stamping,I’d also be interested in hearing from anybody with a similar number.
Cheers Craig
Melbourne Australia.

Hi Craig,

My Hailwood doesn’t show any such markings, but I did originally import it from Germany, which probably doesn’t help any.

I would assume if anything, that such a practice would use similar markings of other countries if not the UK.


Hi Craig,
Might be an idea to mention this in ‘Desmo’ (DOC GB magazine) as that is sent out to all DOC GB members, and I’m sure there’s a few MHR owners out there who may be able to answer your question.