MHR Questions...questions

As a spotty teenager I lusted after the just released MHR, well nearly 40 years later I’m as close as I’ve been to buying one :slight_smile:

So lots of questions in due course but just a couple for now…

Who can I use for servicing, parts etc for bevel twins these days, I’ve obviously used the power of google and Motori di Marino/ Rosso Corse/ Ray Petty aren’t too far from me, but are there any others I’m missing ?

Where is the best resource for information, the bike in question seems very original but hasn’t run for a number of years and would really appreciate any help and advice before committing to purchase. While the bike may be a long held dream I have to be realistic and practical, my resources are definitely finite.

Thanks all


I just went through this exact process of recommissioning a long-dormant MHR. In my case a 1980 bike that had been de-registered by DVLA.

I’m pleased to say that although it took me a little over a year I’m now 300+ miles into enjoying the bike and it’s an absolute joy to own and pilot. I’m learning loads.

I live in Lincolnshire and have been helped by my bevel-savvy local dealer Italia Moto. Phil Worth did a great job of ascertaining the engine health, sourcing me parts and a trustworthy painter who would make localised repairs with sympathy for the originality of the bike.

I also learned from a member of the North Lincolnshire branch about Ducati Technical Services ( who are again bevel-friendly.

The bike is mega, and you’ll love it… once you’ve reconfigured physically and had your arms lengthened and strengthened and your legs reduced appropriately. Getting off the MHR (hmmm it doesn’t seem so uncomfortable now) onto the 999 again was like getting off a sports bike and onto a cruiser… so weird. :slight_smile:

Happy to help if I can. PM me if you want to talk numbers, as recommissioning mine didn’t come for free by any means but even after purchase and work I’m still happy with the investment.

From this…

To this…

Good luck, and go for it!! :smile:

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Awesome bike, there were a few in the Isle of Man, sadly I could not be there but the pictures were great.

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Cheers Guys.
Ian I’ll try to work out how to pm you, be great to find out more.
Viewing soon, I’ve had some constructive help from Ray Petty too :heart_eyes:

Ian, I can’t fathom out how to PM you :rage:
If you are more conversant with the site would you mind sending me a PM with your email address or phone no ?

Many Thanks