Mick Walker RIP

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As you all know, Mick was the the recipient of the club’s Lifetime Achievement award, so it’s very sad news indeed. :frowning:

Very sad news indeed.

I was fortunate to meet him on a few occasions, the most memorable was a race meeting at Mallory Park when he persuaded me to fetch my 916 from the car park and sign up for the 20 minute “parade” organised by the Laverda owners club during the lunch break, because “We’ve Got to have a Ducati out there”.

His enthusiam and knowledge will be greatly missed.

That sounds typical of Mick - a lovely memory and thank you for sharing it.

The following text is reproduced from the DOC website following the sad passing away of Mick Walker.

Mick was a lifelong Ducati fan and enthusiast, who was good enough to provide support and encouragement to the DOC and it’s fledgeling committee and membership which numbered in the dozens when I first got to know him.

My first contacts with Mick were as a typical customer, continually after bits and advice for my less than reliable 250 24hrs. After spending much of my money keeping his business afloat and the 24 Horrors running, I then bought my long suffering 750GT from Mick in 1975. At the time I was Membership Sec for the DOC, and through these connections an ongoing friendship was born which has lasted until now.

Whenever I ran into Mick (invariably at the Classic Bike Show) he was always ready to chat, pass on his knowledge, and help wherever possible. He was always ready to support the club whenever asked, and was happy to be amongst the first to offer discounts on parts to members. He provided trophies for the “Ducati Only” races we helped organise in the 70’s when Dukes were a real rarity on the track, and attended many club dinners, anniversary shindigs and other events. Nothing was ever too much trouble for his fellow Ducatisti.

When his son Gary was killed in an accident at Brands, the DOC was honoured to support Mick at a memorial meeting at Mallory Park. Mick often referred to the DOC as his second family, and we were pleased to be thought of in that way. The feeling was reciprocated when the club gave Mick their Lifetime Achievement award last year.

Our contact had become much more sporadic since he sold the Ducati spares business and went into writing, for which he is much better known in the wider bike world, but whenever I spoke to him, I was always impressed by how well he remembered those earlier days.

Mick, you will be sadly missed by all who had the honour to have known you, and especially by those you called friends.


The funeral is at March Crematorium, Cambridgeshire, at 3pm on Friday 23 March.
I am sure all of Mick’s family will welcome DOC members in attendance.