Mid 70s life crisis

Hello everybody,
New member from West Yorkshire.
Upon reaching the age of 75 and never owning a motorcycle I decided to rectify this omission and went out and bought a Ducati…very reckless I hear you all say…not really it was a 1950 Ducati Cucciolo, somewhat down on power to most of your bikes. After a further two years my restoration is complete, hopefully I have attached a photo of the results, I am now hooked on Ducati’s and I have just purchased another 1946 Cucciolo in need of restoration


Stunning little bike, great job

Many thanks for kind remarks. Petrol tank is sign written and not transfers so if anyone requires any special paintwork… bikes or helmets … I can point you in the right direction. He does some mind blowing work.

Excellent job attention to detail keep us posted. It’s not what you buy its what you build. Preserved for another generation

Many thanks for kind remarks, attached is a photo of my next project. A 1946 Siata Ducati Cucciolo

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Very interesting you must try to get them to a owners club show they would be appreciated by a lot of people keep up the good work

Stunning, glad you got sorted out on here

Many thanks for kind remarks and also your help.