Mini CoM at Stafford ??

Hello All

As most of us will be at Stafford how about a mini CoM meet with any updates and I can also give a report from WPM, very productive with all our issues now solved, unnoficially in the best italian way.

Maybe an hour on Saturday afternoon in one of the Cafe’s, agenda will be set but I would like to briefly discuss.

Regalia, the way forward and what Jonno wants to do
Website, Refresh home page a bit more user friendly, If possible.
Membership, where we are up to and where we are going
Finances, budget for 2010 shows so none get carried away

Any questions then give me a shout.

I hope everybody is ok.

I won’t be able to get to Stafford just for a 1 hour meeting …and I have lots of questions to ask!

I’d also appreciate a copy of the Minutes from the past 2 CoM meetings …

Let us know what questions need answering, if you have anything you want to talk about give me a ring no problem at all. Bob does the minutes, ask him for them.

Sorry you cant make Stafford, hopefully you can get up for Christmas party, Bolognan guests again, maybe a few this year.

Thanks, Martyn. Will email Bob (yet again!) for the Minutes.

Will phone for a chat soon!

What’s the date for the Italsport party? December is already full for me … :slight_smile:

I will be there at Stafford. Com meeting there is a good idea, Frank

Sorry guys, I won’t be able to make Stafford but I am quite happy to submit my report. Hoping to make it for the Italsport ‘do’, subject to War Office approval.


Hi One and All
Again Sorry but I am unable to make again, will send in my report.

Martyn, please can you advise if there will be a CoM meeting at Stafford? If so, I’d appreciate the Minutes from the past 2 CoM meetings, an Agenda for this meeting, and when do the reports have to be in by?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Well we are not due for a full CoM meet until end of November but I thought while there was a few of us together we could have an hour update or mini CoM.

Thank you, Martyn. Will you need reports from CoM members for the mini CoM? :wink:

If there are any questions then let us know and we can discuss them and try to sort out any issues that anybody has.

I have had another call today from somebody who cannot join online due to pop up blockers, my only concern is how many people do not phone or get in touch and think sod it !!!

This is something we need to sort out.