Mirrors on ST3

I was taking the cover off today (to make use of a bit of decent weather)the cover must have snagged a little on the mirror.
Anyway the whole thing fell off , fortunately without smashing, leaving just the mounting on the fairing. I can’t immediately see how it all goes back together . The spring is still inside. Anyone know what’s what here. I am told that mirrors cost an arm and a leg (and I find the number of limbs I have now most convenient ) Please help. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year even if you can’t help. Philip Boobyer

Sorry Phil, never taken one off myself !!

Good luck, I am sure someone will have the right info.

All the best for Christmas and warm riding weather !!

Hi, assuming they’re the same as on the ST2 you’ll need to take the mounting plate off the bike and re-attach the spring. I a loop of wire to do that; you’ll need to thread it through the mounting plate, hook it on the spring and pull it through.