Misfire on ST2 ?

Well my first problem since I bought the bike so it can’t be bad :cry:

My bike was NOT happy in city riding today and just kept misfiring at low revs ( below3000 to 2500rpm)
Also when under load when in the country when I took it for a blow the cobwebs out run on the way home. NOT all the time which was frustrating :angry:
Anyway a new set of Iridium plugs now ordered to replace the standard ones fitted

Lets see if that works

Magwa :wink:

I had something similar and it could be the cylinder sensor either front or rear pot. I have changed both on mine. Not sure which one caused what but they make the bike run rough and cut out. easy enough to change.

Cheers for the info, I’ll do the spark plugs first then knowing me wind up taking the fairing off again for sensors
PS where did you get your sensors from? ( plus rough cost? )


magwa :slight_smile:

A set of NEW plugs resolved the misfire :blush:

I gave it a full oil and filter change while I was at it so all new fresh slippy stuff for the summer :stuck_out_tongue: