Monster 20th Anniversary, your stories wanted !!!

We would like to involve you and all the members of your club before everyone else on a project ready to start and that will be publish on soon.
This is a project aimed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ducati Monster and it will be one of the first step of a series of activities related to this important anniversary.

Monster Tales is a “hall of fame”, a collection of stories made up of texts, pictures, videos and sounds, aimed to tell the Monster experience.
Whether you’re a motorcyclist, a would-be motorcyclist or a passenger, whether Monster has been your travelling companion on a thousand adventures or whether it’s a dream that’s still to come true, whether it’s parked in your garage or is just an image firmly stamped in your mind…whatever your story, tell us the tale and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Monster together with us!

This project will last for the next year and during this time we will add functionalities and new involving activities!

Take part to Monster Tales is easy, just click on “Add your story”, subscribe the site and let your Monster memories and imagination speak!

The website will be public starting from November, 27th but until that moment you will be the only to access it and to publish the stories. Help us to make this site full of emotions, we are sure you have a lot to tell!

Click on the link and tell us your stories!

Monster Tales:

Thanks for your attention,

Club DOC Office

ah … I was planning on a ‘Monster’ edition of Desmo in 2013 … :unamused:

We can borrow a few stories then, great idea

Editorial policy not to borrow stories … :astonished:

I have put one up there, I am sure there are lots of other Monster stuff going on that will be new and original !!