Monster 25 Anniversario

Hi All,
Just purchased one of these rare bikes.
Anyone else on here own one?
Love to see and meet another owner.
I am a member of Berks and Oxford DOC.
IF its possible for a meet up, please get in touch.

A very nice bike, are you on FB, most of the social organising happens on there these days

I am.
Just wondered with this post if any other owners are in the UK close to me. I know of a lady in Newcastle.
I am a member of one of two 25 Anniversario FB groups, waiting to be accepted in the other one.
The trouble with these rare bikes, one can feel a bit isolated. Odd I know.
I have asked in the one group I am a member of ‘where all the bikes and owners are’, but no one seems to know if there is a list and the group I am in is only 48 strong. The second is 109 strong, but that still doesn’t account for 500. Apparently, 000 is held by Ducati.

It is a Ducati so don’t feel isolated, I know of a couple of owners in the club but we do not compile a list of what people own.

Ooooh, how could we meet up and glow in our rides? Are they miles from me in Bracknell, Berks?
Do they attend events?
Sorry to be a pain, but I know nothing, and just become a member of DOCGB.
I am hoping to get to know as many as possible in the UK.

They tend to come to the main rallies and meets, we have the club Facebook page and the club branches have their own pages