Monster 620 issues - advice please

I’m new to Ducati; bought this 2004 Monster 620 a few weeks ago.
In many ways this is a lovely 'bike, but there’s a few things that need to attend to:

  1. Handlebars! their low and forward position put a lot of weught on my wrists. Any advice where to buy ones that are an inch or two highr & which ones to look for?
  2. I have Pilot RoadZ tyres and they are not worn too much. However, I don’t find their level of grip very good on wet or adversely sloping surfaces, particularly the front one. Pressures are 30psi front, 33 psi back. I don’rt ride hard & fast. Any advice on ones to go with, please?
  3. A lesser issue, but front suspension seems particularly hard and I did expect this to some extent. Has anyone tried a different fork oil?

All advice gratefully received.

hi, welcome aboard.
on the handlebar issue, if you need to change them. why not look at the renthal range of alloy handlebars, they do a range of heights and blingy colours if thats your thing. but beware though as the wiring may be too short to raise them too much and may also affect the shape that your cables and brake/clutch hoses run.
as for tyres, i use pirelli diablos. found they have a decent lifespan and very good grip, and this is on a 916 and a 750ss. however i know of others that use bridgestone bt016s and say they are the mutts nuts.
with the suspension thing i can’t offer any advice as ive never ridden a 620 unfortunatley. but they can be a bit on the choppy side.
look in the bike specific section here on the forum, should be tonnes of help in there. :smiley: