Monster 821 engine oil only Shell Advance?


It clearly states on my Monster 821 to use only Shell Advance engine oil… I’ve still got some Petronas Synthium Moto 4SX (10W-40 4-stroke synthetic oil) left at home - can this be used or it is really a big NO-NO?


So long as it’s motorcycle (as opposed to car) oil you’ll be fine.

Ducati have a tie in with Shell, as long as its the same spec from a recognised manufacturer it will be OK.
Does it say which Shell advance to use?


Thanks guys.

In the owners manual, it’s recommended to use Shell Advance Ultra 4T SAE 15W-50 but also other oil viscosities are allowed according to the ambient temperature.

It seems my 10W-40 is okay… but maybe play it safe and stick to the recommended 15W-50 (Shell or not).
Monster 821 engine oil.jpg

If you have 10W-40 I’d use it. As far as I know you can mix different viscosities if you don’t have enough for a full oil change. The main things are that the oil must be a m/c oil, synthetic and multigrade.

Have a look here, these people seem OK, and they offer a discount to club members. (see Desmo 229 page 6)

If you look at their ebay store they’re cheaper than the discount!! That’s where I get my oil. And they do Mahle oil filters too.